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In this demo, you have the possibility to make all the changes you prefer, insert contents, modify them, delete them, change settings. In this way, it is possible for you to act just as if it were your own site, trying the different combinations and simulating your desired scenario, to better understand how WooCommerce B2B can adapt to your project.

This demo was developed as a multisite and is divided into two main subdomains:

It allows you to see only WooCommerce B2B plugin at work, which unlocks the potential of your WooCommerce by adding numerous features for exclusively B2B or hybrid B2C / B2B shops.

Frontend Backend

It allows you to see only the WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents plugin at work, which provides the ability to have your sales agents under control and manage commissions in a simple and intuitive way.

Frontend Backend

Before starting, a few small clarifications.

Consider that the demo is programmed to reset itself every hour, in this way each user will have the possibility to carry out their own tests and simulate their own scenario starting from a “clean” context.

For this reason, if you log in during the reset, you may receive a message relating to cookies disabled; don’t worry, just wait a few minutes and try again.

Consider that in this demo some features have been disabled, such as sending emails, to prevent any bad use (such as spam). You can still see the emails from the backend, in “WooCommerce -> Email preview” by choosing an order and the type of email you want.

We have also enabled the ability to verify and test the REST API as well (read-only, for security reasons), take a look at the dedicated article to learn more.

In each page, you can click on “Show tips” button in left sidebar to enable help to locate the main features of WooCommerce B2B on that page. The aids are highlighted in red and have a descriptive text, which will appear at the top on info icon mouse hover.